How to get Started in Affiliate Marketing


How to Get Started

Are you ready to start Affiliate Marketing? It doesn't matter your age, experience or background, anyone can get started in Affiliate Marketing. If you already have a website or business OR you are totally new, we have the resources to get you started.  I know everyone hears stories of people earning some serious money online. Come discover why everyone is diving in trying to earn a "passive income". It's EASY to get started, No Money required!

First the Basics....


Essentially, Affiliate Marketing is when a retailer pays a small commission to people (Affiliates) who recommend their products to others.

Example of Affiliate Marketing in person:

Susie: Wow! Lisa I love your shirt, it's so pretty!

Lisa: Thanks! I got it at Hollywood Designs

With Affiliate Marketing online, it's basically the same thing BUT you have a special link so you can actually track your referrals VS  in person, which you aren't guaranteed anything in return for promoting their service.

Affiliate Marketing Online is when you send people to a retailer's website and receiving a commission when those visitors buy the product/service you're recommending. 


Getting Started

1)  Pick what products you want to promote

You can use Google to search products you are interested in 

For example: "Product + Affiliate Program"

2)  Find Affiliate Programs

You can again search Google to find different Affiliate Programs/Networks.

Click Here to find Affiliate Programs that grant instant Access once you sign up. 

3) Promote your affiliate products

Promote your product or service. The more people you can reach, the better chances you have of making money. 

4) People click your link & you get Paid

You can easily duplicate this layout to add more features or remove a row to highlight fewer features.  It varies from Affiliate Program but either when someone enters their email address on a company’s website, when someone makes a purchase, fills out a form, or some other action through your affiliate link.

Example of Affiliate Marketing

An example would be Amazon, where you link to a specific product on your website and try to get people to purchase through your affiliate link. (This is one of my favorite products, I love foam rollers and this one is also a water bottle :)

If someone purchases the H2ROLL then I would make a conversion and get paid.

Water Bottle + Foam Roller

Is it Free to get started with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. It is free to sign up with Affiliate Marketing Programs. After all you are promoting their product or service. find

FREE Affiliate Marketing Programs

        Do I Need a website to start Affiliate Marketing?

Yes and No. You technically don't have to have a website.  You could just sign up for Affiliate Marketing Programs, get your code and promote on social media. You probably won't make as much money as you would with a website. It depends on how much of a following you have on social media. In general, the more traffic you can drive to your affiliate products, the greater chance you have making money. However, it is a way to get started with Affiliate Marketing and see if it's for you.

You can read more about Affiliate Marketing without a website here

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Get started on the right foot!

  • Getting started in Affiliate Marketing
  • Understanding How to Make Money
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Build your own website
  • SEO training
  • Finding content ideas from keywords
  • Understanding website pages
  • Creating quality website content
  • How to be successful in Affiliate Marketing

Learn the Exact Formulas to start making a "passive income"

In Closing, it's super easy to get started. Stop hesitating

Get started in Affiliate Marketing today and start reaping benefits! You just need a computer/tablet/phone and the Internet connection and You can make a Full Time income online.

Yes, it will  require work and effort but making money online is really a skill that ANYBODY can learn. You do not have to have experience to get started, you just have to get in the GAME!

Now the next steps for you are:

  1. Choose the money-making path that interests you.
  2. Stick to it until you succeed.

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Thanks for Reading About Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing. Good luck in your own adventures. Always remember you don't have to be great or an expert to get started, you just have to get in the game!

"Best way to predict the future, is to create it"
Abraham Lincoln


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